VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0.12 Release Notes

Salient Sciences 2016


Supported Operating Systems
Change Log
New Features in VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0
Known Issues in VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0

VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 Installation

This page provides information on downloading and installing VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 and provides a review of the new features.

Downloading VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0

The latest version of the VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 installer can be downloaded from the following page.

Save the download executable to a convenient location on your computer and when the download is complete run the executable to unpack the installer and automatically start the install process. The download file is an offline installer and can also be used to install VideoFOCUS Pro on a machine other than the machine on which it was downloaded.

Running VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 and previous VideoFOCUS Pro versions

If your machine has an Internet connection you should be able to install VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 alongside older versions of VideoFOCUS Pro and run either but not both simultaneously (i.e. close VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 before opening older version and vice versa). Note that you may be able to open your existing cases in 6.0 using the File->Open Case menu, however cases that have been opened using version 6.0 will typically not open again in earlier versions In general if you wish to work on a case created in an earlier version of VideoFOCUS Pro we strongly recommend creating a backup of the case (e.g. create a separate copy of the case directory and its contents) prior to opening it in 6.0

Activating VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 with a Dongle

VideoFOCUS dongles can only store one product activation at a time. For those users with a dongle and without an Internet connection on your computer please contact Salient Sciences for further information about upgrading. For those users with an Internet connection the dongle will be upgraded to a 6.0 code when VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 is first run. (The dongle can be downgraded back to prior version code by running the older VideoFOCUS Pro while the Internet is connected.)

Activating VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 with a Software Key

Running VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 requires an activation update from our license server and you will be prompted for your Installation ID when VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 is first run. Please use the Installation ID that you have been using for your VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 (this can be found under the Help->About menu of your existing installed version of VideoFOCUS Pro). If you wish to try VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 on a different computer please contact us.

Supported Operating Systems

VideoFOCUS Pro 6.0 is only available for Windows platforms. Detailed support levels are given in the following table.

Windows Platform Support Level
Windows XP Unsupported
Windows Vista Unsupported
Windows 7 (x64) Fully Supported
Windows 8.1 (x64) Validated
Windows 10 (x64) Fully Supported

NOTE: This version and future versions of VideoFOCUS Pro will be 64-bit and will only work with a 64-bit OS. For those users upgrading to Windows 10, we recommend upgrading to the 64-bit version of Windows 10.

New Features in VFPro 6.0

MultiView support

VideoFOCUS 6.0 provides a major advance in productivity for work with multiple camera views in the form of MultiView sessions.

MultiView sessions keep related views together with absolute timing allowing the user to establish a time coherent view of incidents captured by mutiple cameras from any source. Multi camera DVR imports now automatically create MultiView sessions but they can be also created at any time in VFPro 6.0 by combining existing video sessions or adding new video to an existing MultiView session

MultiView sessions can be viewed and operated on in the primary video player just like regular sessions, and individual views can be 'popped out' in the player to provide for detailed examination of the video and the frames just as can be done with regular sessions. Individual views in a MultiView session can be selected, copied and pasted into the session list as individual sessions. Subsets of the views can also be selected, copied and pasted to produce new MultiView sessions.

Combine Operation and Track Timing Dialog

The track timing dialog provides the user with an efficient way to combine video from different views or from different times of the same view into a coherent easy to visualize MultiView session. The track timing feature can also be used to make timing changes to any view in an existing MultiView session.

MultiView Processing and Modify

Where appropriate VFPro 6.0 supports video processing of all or a selected subset of views of a MultiView session. Modification of individual selected views of a MultiView session is also supported. In all cases the results are produced in a new MultiView session with the processing and modifications applied to the selected views.

Known Issues in VFPro 6.0

Issues that have been discovered, but not yet addressed are listed below:

Features Introduced in Previous Versions

Introduced in VFPro 5.1

VFPro Is Now 64-bit

VideoFOCUS 5.1 is now 64-bit, and will only work with a 64-bit OS. The 64-bit version will allow VideoFOCUS to utilize more of your computers memory and improve performance within the application. This will especially help with larger HD (High Definition) videos.

VFPro Direct DVR import

VideoFOCUS 5.1 will now directly import many DVR formats, allowing you to import proprietary DVR formats into VideoFOCUS quickly without having to screen capture or convert the videos.

Frame Averaging

VFPro 6.0 adds support for video frame averaging to the super resolution processing filter.

Introduced in VFPro 5.0

CARDINAL MiniLab Audio Suite

VideoFOCUS 5.0 now includes Digital Audio Corporation's CARDINAL MiniLab Suite of forensic audio plug-ins, including:

These audio plug-ins add a comprehensive set of audio forensic tools to VideoFOCUS. They can be applied to any audio in the application, including audio contained within a video session or an audio-only session.

QuickEnhance Audio Plug-in

VideoFOCUS 5.0 now includes Digital Audio Corporation's QuickEnhance audio plug-in. QuickEnhance provides easy-to-use filtering options for noise removal to help improve speech intelligibility and clarity in noisy audio. QuickEnhance is equipped with the following features:

Snapshot Feature

VideoFOCUS 5.0 includes a snapshot feature that allows the user to capture, as a still image, exactly what is being rendered to the screen. This is ideal for quickly zooming, panning and cropping an image detail into a stand-alone still image suitable for export or further processing.

New Look and Feel

VideoFOCUS 5.0 has been given a new interface theme to modernize the appearance of the application and align it with other Salient Sciences products.

Introduced in VF 4.6

Fast Import For Many Media Formats

VideoFOCUS 4.6 has eliminated the need for transcode for a wide variety of video media formats. As a consequence import time for long duration or large frame size video are substantially reduced (in certain cases two orders of magnitude). Furthermore the disk space use for the import of such media is reduced substantially.

VideoFOCUS import now consists of a copy phase to create a copy of the media within the project storage with time taken comparable to a regular file copy and if required an indexing phase to produce an accurate frame index for those media types lacking a native frame index. Indexing is typically needed only for the import of media originally produced for live streaming.

Improved Player Performance for HD Video

This version includes a revised architecture for media handling which supports a more efficient approach to playing video. This provides notable improvements in player performance particularly for imported media with temporal compression and HD (1366x768 line) and higher frame dimensions.

The new import facilities allow for the efficient import of HD and larger frame sizes however many processing operations are intensive and for HD sized video require considerable computation per frame. Although HD video player performance is greatly improved, depending on the processing operations applied, playing processed HD video may result frame skipping if computation cannot keep up. If necessary the "self contained" option in the modify dialog can be used to create a rendered copy of the processed video to improve player performance.

Simplified Export

The export dialog has been upgraded to present a goal oriented approach to selecting export formats and codecs. The new dialog offers a set of default export profiles that represent appropriate choices of format and video and audio codecs for specific tasks such as full quality archive, email and high quality reduced space exports.

Export Profile Editor

Facilities are included under an "Advanced" panel to allow users to define their own export profiles appropriate for their export needs. Profiles can be constructed from a number of different media formats and accompanying audio and video codecs. User created profiles become available exactly like predefined system profiles as selectable output types in the export dialog.

When creating a user defined export profile consideration should be given to the fact that not all combinations of formats and codecs will create valid files. It is therefore suggested that any new profile is tested with familiar media and the anticipated media player to confirm that output is as expected before using more generally for export.

Of the three common players, QuickTime, WMP and VLC, we have found the VLC player to be the most accommodating in handling different formats, codecs, media frame rates and dimensions etc.

Introduced in VF 4.5

Audio Support

VideoFOCUS 4.5 introduces support for audio manipulation and processing for audio that is present in a video and for audio that is standalone.

Audio Import

The import capabilities of VideoFOCUS are extended to allow for the import of audio media files. When supported media files containing audio are selected in the import dialog the import review player can be used to play the file. When opened an audio item will be added into the captured and imported session area.

Audio Project Items

Audio only media that is part of a VideoFOCUS case is displayed in the captured and imported session area and depicted by a speaker icon. Audio items can be viewed in the player in the same way as video items. The player shows a visualization of the audio signal that follows the play head position and the zoom control can be used to view fine structure of the audio signal down to the individual sample values.

Audio Extract and Combine


Video containing audio offers an additional "Extract Audio" action from the item popup menu or from the processing menu. The extract audio action will create an audio only project item containing all the audio tracks from the selected video.


When two or more audio items or a video item and one or more audio items are selected the combine popup or processing menu item will be available. In the case of an all audio selection the combine action will produce a new audio item containing all the tracks of the selected items, extending shorter duration audio items by silence where necessary. In the case of a combine with video the selected audio items will either be clipped or extended to match the duration of the video.

Audio Modification

The modify panel now supports basic audio modifications on audio or video items. When modifying a video item containing audio the panel contains an additional "Audio Properties" tab containing the controls. Changes in audio properties are reflected in real time in the modify player.

Audio Processing

Audio filtering is now available for audio items and video items containing audio. Four audio filters are offered and can be selected through the Filter->Audio menu. The interface is the same as the video filter, offering original and processed displays, with the processed display player providing a real time update to audio and signal visualization for changes made to any of the processing parameters.

Most audio filters also offer the option of a 200Hz high pass filter as a pre-stage to the main filter functionality

Media Player Updates

Looping and Selection Play

"Loop Play" and "Play Selection" menu items are now in the player popup menu and the view menu of the undocked player window.

The play selection will make the player play only the selected section of the video or audio instead of the entire duration of the media.

Loop play will cause the player to loop continually over the section selected for play. If loop play is selected when a selection of more than one frame is present the play selection option will also turn on resulting in the looping play of the selected section of media.

A shortcut to the loop play menu item is provided by a loop button in the player to the right of the time selection slider.

Volume Controls

The media player interface now provides a volume control and an audio mute button.

Audio Signal Visualization

When the media player is used to view video containing audio the "Audio Signal" popup menu item will control the visualization of the audio signal as a waveform. Each channel is displayed with channel 0 being the closest to the bottom of the player window.

The signal visualization is limited to a maximum time window of 10 seconds centered around the current displayed frame. The specific position in the audio signal corresponding to the currently viewed frame is indicated by the vertical white bar. The visualized audio signal time window adjusts according to the time scale sensitivity selected by the timescale zoom slider control

Introduced in Version 4.1

VideoFOCUS Video Format Converter

The VideoFOCUS 4.1 install now includes the VideoFOCUS Video Format Converter plugin install. This plugin provides extensive support for a wide variety of media formats and codecs and provides VideoFOCUS with the ability to import video with accompanying audio from a wide range of media file types.

If the VideoFOCUS Video Format Converter installation is successfully completed during the VideoFOCUS install no further action is needed to use this capability. VideoFOCUS will use this plugin to transcode all non MOV files to an uncompressed MOV format for subsequent processing within the application.

Batch Image Import

VideoFOCUS now supports the batch import of images.

Image Sequences

VideoFOCUS now provides full support for the import of image sequences. Multiple images, typically representing a time sequence, can be imported directly and will be transcoded at a user specified frame rate into a video. This capability is available when using either the media import dialog or drag and drop import.

VideoFOCUS will automatically detect cases where multiple images could be considered as an image sequence and will order the images intelligently according to the filename name of each image in the sequence. An option to handle such sequences as a regular batch image import is also available.

Unified Media Import Dialog

The image and video import dialogs have been unified into a single new import dialog. This dialog allows for the individual and batch import of both images and video and the import of image sequences. To make selecting media to import simpler the dialog contains a visualization panel with a media player that allows for the instant review of video and images prior to their import.

If a set of images is selected all with a common file type the dialog will offer the option either to import them as individual images or as an image sequence.

Drag and Drop Import and Export

VideoFOCUS now supports drag and drop for media import and image export.

Drag and Drop Media Import

VideoFOCUS will import media files that are dropped into the application. Individual or multiple video files can imported by dragging from the desktop or a file explorer and dropping them into the "Captured and Imported Sessions" area. Similarly individual or multiple image files can be imported by dropping them into the "Session Stills and Frames" area.

Collections of two or more image files of the same type can be also be dragged into the "Captured and Imported Sessions" area and they will be imported as an image sequence. When these items are dropped VideoFOCUS will prompt for the desired frame rate for the video.

Drag and Drop Image Export

VideoFOCUS can export video frames and images using drag and drop. When frames are selected from the video thumbnail view or images from the "Session Stills and Frames" area they can be dragged out of the application and dropped into a suitable location such as the desktop or a file explorer window. The images will be saved in the image file format specified in the Edit->Preference dialog.

Internal Drag and Drop of Images

In addition to import and export drag and drop, drag and drop can be used to copy individual or selections of frames from the thumbnail video view into "Session Stills and Frames" view. Frame thumbnails may also be dropped into "Captured and Imported Sessions" to produce a video.

Administrator Privilege No Longer Required

VideoFOCUS no longer requires elevated privileges when running.

This change allows for more flexibility in user security configuration on systems where VideoFOCUS is installed and reduces the risk of inadvertent modification of protected material. It does however mean that permissions on the file system must be configured sufficiently to allow each VideoFOCUS user full control over areas designated for storage of their cases or for any cases that they wish to open. (VideoFOCUS does not yet support read only access to cases). In order to support per user configuration all settings established from within VideoFOCUS including open case lists are stored on a per user basis.

Introduced in Version 4.0


VideoFOCUS 4.0 introduces the concept of cases to allow for better organization and management of separate work efforts. Each case is displayed as a tab of the main window and the contents of each tab are the familiar 'Sessions' and 'Stills' windows of previous versions of VideoFOCUS.

The following case related actions can be found under the 'File' menu.

Notes on Case Media

Video and image data may be freely copied between cases (using copy and paste). When pasting into a different project VideoFOCUS will create a copy of the media. This ensures that the data will be still be available in the destination project if the source project is deleted or relocated.

The same applies for imported media. VideoFOCUS 4.0 will create its own internal copy of imported images and video and will not require access to the source material after a successful import.

Titles in Edit

The session editor introduces new title facilities to allow for the addition and editing of titles in any movie in VideoFOCUS. (Editing can be started by a right click 'Edit' on an existing session or through the 'File'->'New Session' menu action.)

The following titling menu actions are available in player window when editing a session

The 'New' and 'Edit' actions bring up a title editor. Just as in editing with a typical text editor title text can be entered directly into the editor and will appear at the cursor location. The following elements control the title's appearance.

To adjust existing text the text must be first selected (in the typical way for a document editor) before the 'Justify' or 'Size' values are changed.


Images can now be imported into VideoFOCUS. Images are imported using the 'File'->'Import Image' action and will appear in the 'Session Stills and Frames' panel. Once imported the image is treated just like any other still and can be processed as such.

Other Features

A rotation option has been added to the modify panel ('Processing'->'Modify'). This allows for the arbitrary rotation of both images and video by a specified number of degrees.

An invert option has been added to the blur filter. ('Processing'->'Filter'->'Blur') which makes all areas other than the mask areas blurred. This can be used in conjunction with mask tracking to highlight individual objects within a moving sequence.

The WAV file type option has been added to movie export. This will be available if the session being exported (or any session in the case of a batch export) contains audio. It will produce a WAV format audio file.

The screen capture source selection dialog can now be resized to allow for more precise selection of the capture window area.

Change Log

This table will be updated with information on fixes as new versions of VideoFOCUS Pro products are made available for download.

Note that the changes listed cover all VideoFOCUS products and not all changes will affect VideoFOCUS Pro

6.0.12 Update licensing for easier offline dongle use with multiple versions
6.0.11 Add 24bit MOV export option for better compatability with Apple tools
Defend against crash due to BlackMagic audio driver malfunctions
Fix avoid zero duration frame in export after speed change
Fix avoid repeated title insert splitting previous title
6.0.10 Fix mark in mark out behavior
Fix refresh on filter track changes
6.0.9 Fix for open filter on audio only sessions
6.0.8 Fix problem with -ve speed change in modify
Update Spanish language translations
6.0.7 Restore key shortcuts
Fix performance of modify still
Improved frame labeling for export
Suppress red X on SSL handshake errors
Fix for missing de translations
Remove references to Salient Stills in licensing help
6.0.6 Fix CTRL +/- zoom in and out
Fix for select all in player scrubber
Fix incorrect state when saving filter result more than once
Fix issue preventing import of DVR files that seem like images
Fix aspect ratio for filter on still images
Avoid extreme slowdown in multichannel join
Add additional DVR formats
Fix detection of previous version open project list
Out of memory improvement .. let system decide memory max
6.0.5 Fix for UAVTech DVR format
Consolidate open and create case into one dialog
Support nested filter chain in Minilab audio filter (VFPro)
DnD processing consistent with import dialog video/image strategy
Support for "open with" and drop onto shortcut
Single instance activation
6.0.4 Fix selection in frame view when view marked or focus frames
Avoid re-layout in player when playing
Fix filter dialog layout error.
Fix missing processing options in Minilab audio filter
Show full version# and remove bit depth in shortcut name
Remove unused make self contained option
Audio only imports now have file date as start time
Fix lack of display refresh after deleting track in filter display (VFPro,VFSrc)
Fix for inactive mono mix in modify
Updated address in EULA
6.0.3 Add no-recode support for h264 and mpeg4 raw stream import
Fix download link in release notes
Include MiniLab 2.5.4 (VFPro)
6.0.2 Fix DnD export crash (VFPro,VFSrc)
Fix color format in DnD export(VFPro,VFSrc)
Reduce memory use
6.0.1 Fix wrong frame still export
Improve snapshot image quality (VFSrc,VFPro)
6.0.0 Added Demultiplex processing to VFCapture (VFCap) Added MultiView support (VFPro)
Added Grayscale, Sharpen, Equalize and Blur video filters and Quick Enhance,
Noise Reduction, Voice Spectrum Equalization and Hum Reduction audio filters (VFSrc)
5.1.4 Added support for DPI scaling in Windows
Added ability for Super-Resolution filter to also perform frame averaging (VFPro)
Added feature to export audit along with media exports
Updated sample videos
5.1.3 Add ability to Extract Audio from a Video (VFCap)
Added ability to Combine Audio and Video sessions(VFCap)
Added a new version of Super-resolution feature (VFPro)
Added Audit capability
Added contract details in About Menu
Updated Polish language
Minor bug fixes
5.1.2 Updated Polish language
Updated German language
Minor bug fixes
5.1.1 Fixed bug with Dongle
Minor bug fixes
5.1.0 First shipping release of VFCapture (VFCap) First release as 64-bit application, and will only work with a 64-bit OS
Directly imports many proprietary DVR formats
multiple bug fixes
5.0.1 Updated memory management to improve stability
Minor bug fixes
5.0.0 First release of 5.0 features
CARDINAL MiniLab included (VFPro)
QuickEnhance included (VFPro)
Added snapshot feature
New look and feel
4.6.2 Updated to use private JRE to avoid Java installation issues
Included HASP driver installer
4.6.1 Export of MP4 using MPEG4 Codec quality has been greatly improved
Exporting using WMV now uses FFMPEG, which will allow saving of larger files
Added Audio Tutorial
Fixed bug with blank Titles when going to Title->Go
Fixed various Ctrl keyboard shortcuts while in Browser Video Player
Updated Polish language
Various other bug fixes
4.6.0 Direct import of supported types
Further improvement in HD play performance
Simplified export dialog using export profiles
Polish language added
Fix PNG open in system problem
FFmpeg upgrade to 2.X
Demux available in VF Source.
4.5.2 First release of VFSource containing 4.5 changes (VFSrc)
Support for levels adjust on video (VFSrc)
Support for agc on audio and video with audio (VFSrc)
4.5.1 Improved HD play and thumbnail performance
Audio filtering now outputs only processed channels
Added drag and drop from desktop for audio files
Restore operation of self-contained option in modify
Various minor interface bug fixes
4.5.0 First release of VideoFOCUS 4.5 features
Restore direct import of QuickTime supported media
Updated tutorial videos
Revised audit
4.1.02 Updated user guide
Use alternative QT writer for transcode
4.1.01 First public version Fix for broken still image filter and modify Shortcut for view size now in order
Rotate now does not shrink movie
Allow any file type import to be attempted
Fix for broken filter region play
Update German language strings Fix for missing rotation on mov/mp4
Fix bug preventing WMV export of sessions with no audio
Fix for import of ts/mts and vob
Fix incorrect blur region
Fix view movie on stills
Update German language strings Fix bug preventing installs on machines not previously running VideoFOCUS (VFPro)
4.1.00 4.1 beta release
4.0.12 Added documentation (VFSrc)
4.0.11 Added Spanish language support (VFPro)
Fixed bug preventing capturing opening on xp (VFPro) Fixed bug preventing title creation (VFPro)
4.0.10 Re-sizable screen capture source window selection (VFPro)
Change speed allows for negative speeds to reverse play (VFPro)
New case creation provide file chooser to pick case location (VFPro)
Support for alternative languages (VFPro)
Added German language support (VFPro)
4.0.03 Improvements to performance and stability when processing larger format video
Support for rotated video on import (e.g iPhone video)
4.0.02 Shipping release (VFPro)
4.0.01 4.0 beta release (VFPro)